Amber x Tank

* F – Litter * 


Amber x Tank

Metal Proof Bibi x Black Jack Nestor Notabilis


4 female & 3 male

9 june 2015

The boys:


Valcobulls Fighting Spirit



Valcobulls First in mind


Valcobulls Fear Factor





Valcobulls fear factorValcobulls fear factor


the girls:


Valcobulls Fifth Dimension

” Jay Jay” 

This beautiful girl is staying in our team

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Valcobulls Fly across a river

” Chika”



Valcobulls Fabulous Face



Valcobulls First Class



One week old puppy’s from Amber x Tank

( 1 day old puppys F litter )


Mom, Amber:

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