Juicy x Aresz

Valcobulls present



Elza Liget Szepe Aresz X Valcobulls A Love Affaire


30 August 2015

2 stunning boys were born, One brindle boy and one red boy.







 Sire: Elza Liget Szepe Aresz

(Digger del Paese  X  Hard Soldier Hera)

Dame: Valcobulls A Love Affaire

(Valcobulls Fay X  Roen)




Valcobulls Game of Choice


Owners:  Fam Bood





Valcobulls Guilty as Charged

” Baine “


This boy is going to stay in our kennel and we will see what will become of him…




 left Aresz and right Juicy at few days before birth

We are very happy with these 2 boys and we are thanking

Sandor Trefan who give us this opputunity!

We just love this beautiful male Aresz and i think we will meet again..for who know who in future <3

First we enjoy these lovely boys Baine & Djem


Juicy 7th week of her pregnancy:

Aresz is living in Hungary, his father Digger del Pease is from Germany



Valcobulls Game of Choice & Valcobulls Guilty as Charged


Last report 02-10-2015