Kids & Bulls

* Kids & Bulls *

Reza, Caine, Do & Ravi

Let me introduce you to the best team of our kennel, because without them we are not Valcobullls like we are now!!

from left to right: Reza 14 years old, Caine 13 years old, Do 11 years old & Ravi 8 Years old.


 rezacainedo & handling

Valcobulls Moves like Jagger bullmastiff male

The girl’s

Reza & Do


rezado & handling



Reza just got 14 years old, she is not intrested in showing our dogs But she is a great help around the house with the dogs and when their are puppys, sometimes she does go with us on a trip for support!!

Reza have her own dogs, like all of them. These are Cara, Envy & Jay Jay.

All three are red color female so propably her favorite color.


Reza is a girl who is smart (just started middle shool) and want to learn a lot, not only in shool but she have a large intrest in our dogs. What she really like to do is learn them tricks or just the basics.

After seeing her little sister winning over and over again the intrest for showring is getting bigger and she just start training with Some of our pups.

Ofcourse when a litter needs to be fed by bottle both girl’s are the first who ask if they can help. The boys like doing this too and Reza,  Caine and Do help out Ravi to feed the puppy’s.


After 2 years of handling in ring i can proudly tell my daughter has become a proffesional handler and found the drive in our own breed.

With amazing results with our own dogs started with Indy after Indy she got her own dog Bones, who she made multi junior champion, multi Bis junior winner & multi champion all on her own.

After raising and training Bones Do was ready for any of our dogs in ring and got addicted at showing dogs, like her mom! Together we go trough whole europe with great succes! Not Only i am very proud at our dogs achievements But specialy i am proud at Do. She developped herself in a very short time up to a proffesional handler, really amazing

Not Only i am amazed by her handling also she can see quality of the bullmastiff breed and got her own taste in type!




Do is our dogshow lover and even is a very good handler with lots of potentional

She participate dog-handling contests with very good results.

do & handlingdo & handling

Ofcourse she also participates these contests with her own bullmastiffs and also with them she have a great succes

do & handlingdo & handling


But the most she enjoy handling our own bullmastiffs, she is handling our Bones from the start and she did  an amazing job from the first show, Bones and do become the Baby Winner’16 and reserve best baby in show !

after that she took her first BEST IN SHOW  in puppy classe.

Fullhouse Bulls Repeat after me for valcobullsFFullhouse bull Repeat after me for valcobulls BIS PUPPY

Then she and Bones started in junior class and they win lots of junior titles very soon:

europa-jugensieger’17, alpenjugendsieger’17, German junior winner’17, Bundesjugendsieger’17

Polish Junior Champion, Deutsher junior champion, Deutsher klub junior champion, Swiss junior champion, Dutch junior champion, belgium junior champion

but also in main ring this team had lots of succes

Multipable times Do & Bones took Best in Group and even 4 times Best in show junior winner

Even at the World dogshow this team took 4th Best junior male in the world

Fullhouse bulls repeat after me Fullhouse bulls repeat after me

Dutch junior champion bullmastiffDutch junior champion bullmastiff


Fullhouse bull Repeat after me for valcobulls BIS PUPPYFullhouse bull Repeat after me for valcobulls BIS PUPPY

 Do started with handling Indy who was already trained for show but these days she train our youngsters ourselfs, like she did with Bones from the start. These days she is training, Dallas, Piper, Qloe, Raven & Red for the future dogshows.

Dallas and Qloe are already doing some shows in puppy class this is a good training for aswell the puppys as Do.

Dallas & Do become reserve best in show puppy at The Green dogshow in belgium 2017

Reserve best in show puppy

valcobulls moves like jagger bullmastiffvalcobulls moves like jagger bullmastiff


Valcobulls more then ever world WINNER puppyFullhouse bulls repeat after me Valcobulls Moves like Jagger


The Boys


Caine is not really love dogshows but he like to come and watch sometimes most of the time he is busy with being a pain in the ass for his sisters or to his little brother Ravi. Caine is a very hard trainer with his Soccer team and even become champion of the year 2016/2017 with his team.

Caine is not really the type for doing this with the dogs but he loves to be with the puppy’s when we have them and is at the time we dont think he really care about them he is amazing us with his caring actions. Specialy he is very proud at them and also with his sister when she comes back with a nice cup.

His favorite color in our breed is brindle, caine’s dogs are Baine & Logan and he just got his new beauty Raven.

caine and the bullmastiff pups


Ravi has become a very good photographer and hè help me a lot with making pictures from the puppys or dogs at home!

He is getting better and better and this way he is helping me a lot! A few times a year hè come with me to a DOGSHOW for support!!


‘the dog wisperer”

From the day Ravi was a baby he had a special thing with our dogs , he could say if we get puppys not knowing who we mate to a male and even guessed the number of puppys who were going to be born always good.

Not only this is what he is special in but also he really safed a few lives and predicted their sicknes or death. I know this is scary but it feels for sure good when we could safe them because of these predictions.

Ravi also have a very special way to say goodbye to the onces we lost and needs to give them a place to rest in our garden. For his own closure he need to help digging and help them into their grave.. may be a crazy way  for a kid  and ofcourse when he was younger he was wondering a week later why we couldn’t get them out of their or make a door in this whole to look at them once and a while. But he gets that part now or days and when he is having a ruff day we can find him with them in our semetary.

valcobulls bullmastiffs

All our dogs even the wild onces have somekind of piece around him and this is why we call him our little

“dog wisperer”

last report 17-12-2018