Miss Hilton II Nestor Notabilis

Brindle bullmastiff

home name: Hilton


Sire: Here I Come Tyger II Nestor Notabilis

(Ruff’s Dance of The Shaman to Nestor Notabilis  X

Bulkenite You and me forever Nestor Notabilis)

Dame: Ebony Face Nestor Notabilis

(Ferdhy Typhoon x Youphoria Sweet as Honey by Ferdhu)


HD D & ED 0

 Feb 2018

Hilton & kenzi


 After testing Hilton’s Hipps and elbows we dont have to  wait for the official certificates to send Hilton on a early retirement!

Her elbows are perfect but their are almost no acetabulums

Whatever official results Will be we Will not breed This girl for sure.


(Indy & Hilton)

Miss Hilton II nestor Notabilis brindle bullmastiff


Miss Hilton II nestor Notabilis brindle bullmastiffBrindle bullmastiffBrindle bullmastiff

Brindle bullmastiff


Hilton become best baby 2 times in a row



Hilton, august 2015


Hilton is à very sweet girl, all our Bullmastiffs are Loving at all time!

together with our little Jay Jay they have à lot of fun and Hilton is even look after Jay Jay as she is her big sister.

Hilton is in training for her first show and we are very exiting about this.

Our daughter Reza will start show end of november with Hilton. So she need to train with her very hard but we think she can do it and we believe in her!!


 12 july 2015


Hilton arrivés from long way drive out of Poland. Finally she is home..

Our red brindle girl is ajusting very fast and is loved by all other dogs, she is raised very well and listen very good. The kids love her too and she is also listen to them very good. She is very calm girl and loves to play time to time. 

We thank Magdalena E. Wolockzo a lot for this wonderful girl and we are very happy to have her in our team.


14 april 2015

Our little pretty lady ….

12 april our girl is born in Poland at Bullmastiff kennel Nestor Notabilis, same kennel were we bought our Tank (Black Jack Nestor Notabilis) We will pick her up in july and we are looking forward to that very much so she will be in our Team for ever…


Thank you Magdalena E Wolockzo


Hilton & family:

Mom, Delta (Ebony face Nestor Notabilis) is one of our favorite girls at Magdalena’s Kennel and Demon (Here is coming Tyger II Nestor Notabilis) is a very stunning male.



Miss Hilton II Nestor Notabilis



 last report 28-08-2017