Valcobulls A Love Affair

Home name Juicy

22/07/2012 – 10/11/2016

Sire: Roen

(Sano x Ladij van de. Hemelboom)

Dame: Valcobulls Fay

(Good and Gentle from Heck Tree x Julia van de Hemelboom)


HD C – ED Free


R.i.p Valcobulls A Love Affair

We will miss you much my dear Juicy,

 so sudden you were taken away from us..

We Cannot believe this…always in our heart


 Valcobulls a love AffairValcobulls A love affair



Baine 13 months old and sooo big Nice red brindle male.. He is even 71 cm high!

Valcobulls guilty as chargedValcobulls guilty as charged




Two beautiful boys were Born at 30-8-15, one brindle and one red boy.

Valcobulls Guilty as charged aka Baine


Valcobulls Game of Choice aka Djem



We thank Sandor Trefan who we made this possible with very much

cross fingers for healhty and beautiful baby’s


4 june 2015

The day we made the X Ray pictures with Juicy at our Vet judged them and think were very promissing so we went home with a very good feeling!

Our vet was expecting really diffrent results as we get today from KC. IT was very dissapointing. We know fighting against result KC  have no use.

Still we are thinking about the penhipp methode..

We know she have very good hips so we still think a beautiful combination is happening this year.  Ofcourse they are X Ray pictures who are available to look into and we will breed her to a very nice brindle male from a other country who have the best results.


 we wait and see…



 Juicy, March 2015



after 2,5 years Juicy come back to our kennel. Not because her former owner want her to leave but by curcomstances she could not keep Juicy any more. She have in our kennel a lot of Family and she is during past years been here in pension a lot. During that time she always was happy here and plated a lot with her brother Tyson and sister Cara. Juicy is a very beautiful daughter from our Fay and we are planning to test her hips and elbows and after recieve official result we may be can use her in our breeding program. This would be very Nice and for us may be a little a replacement for her sister Cara. Who is already retired after all she is been trough.

 With juicy’s return we are happy she come back at our kennel in stead of going in a unknown path.
We just wait and see what future will bring with this beautiful and Magnificent Bullmastiff.


Onze lieve en mooie zelf gefokte meid komt terug in onze kennel. Helaas door omstandigheden heeft Evelien moeten besluiten Juicy bij ons in de kennel te brengen. Soms heb je niet alles in de hand en moet je na bij 2,5 jaar ineens zonder hond verder. Gedurende de laatste 2,5 jaar is Juicy zeer vaak bij ons komen logere dus vreemd is voor ons niet en natuurlijk is ze bij Moeder Fay, zus Cara, Broer Tyson, nichtje Envy, Dune & Amber ook bekend. Wanneer Juicy bij ons kwam logeren had ze het enorm naar haar zin dus we hopen dat ze dat nu ook zal hebben. Voor Juicy is het net als Evelien een enorm gemis maar ze zullen elkaar gelukkig regelmatig zien.




Juicy’s Father (left)and grandfather(right)



Valcobulls A Love Affair

‘ Juicy ‘ 



last report 07-10 -2016