Fay x Tank

E – Litter


The boys:


Valcobulls Eagle Eye

” Boy”

(Owner Fam. Winkens)

Valcobulls Eagle eye


Valcobulls Emperor’s Ground Zero


(owner Johan Denie)



Valcobulls Emperador Golden Tiger


(Owner Magda Olszewski)



We really are going to mis him very much but we know he is in very good hands with our friends Magda and Arnold. Next year we will see him again…


Finally our Boy is in Canada and made new friends Titan and Lola

We are very happy he is in a good home and wish him all the luck in the world

“Miss you my sweat boy”






(Lola and Taurus already like each other a lot)

Our Final Goodbye was very hard but we know he is in good hands, our last pictures



Valcobulls End Game 


(owner Aggie Baeten)






6 days old:


10 days old, Eyes are full open en starting to walk but that is still very difficult……


The girl:

Valcobulls Emperador Gold Brandy


owner Fam. Mulder


Valcobulls emperador gold brandy





– 6 days old


last report 16-04-2016