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V-LitterGarroway’s Padron at Dvariskiu x Valcobulls never Surrender

Garroway’s Padron at Dvariskiu X Valcobulls Never Surrender

born 24-05-2019







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Valcobulls Guilty as Charged X Valcobulls More then Ever

Born 19-05-2019







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LemabulL U Will be of Valcobulls X Valcobulls High Fidelity

born 01-02-2019





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S-LitterLemabull u Will be of Valcobulls x Valcobulls just an Illusion

Lemabull u Will be of Valcobulls X Valcobulls Just an Illusion 

born 23-10-2018



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garroway’s Padron at Dvariskiu X ridgetop’n Marconian Hollywood and Vine for valcobulls

Garroway’s Padron at Dvariskiu X Ridgetop’N Marconian Hollywood and Vine for Valcobulls

born 18-07-2018



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Q-LitterLemabull u Will be of Valcobulls x calvery’n Lemabull game of Seduction

Lemabull U will be of valcobulls X Calvery’N Lemabull Game of Seduction 

Born 01-07-2018




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HOUDINI the great is Dvariskiu x Valcobulls Candy caine

Houdini the great is Dvariskiu “HIPPIE” X Valcobulls Candy Caine “ENVY” 

Litter Born 26-02-2018




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O-LitterFullhouse Bulls Repeat after me x Lemabull tell iT like iT is

Multi CH Fullhouse Bulls Repeat after me for Valcobulls “BONES” X Lemabull Tell iT like iT is “ Noeri”

Litter Born 28-12-2017

In our kennel

– Rivers Empire One Lady Million ” Sia” 

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Lemabull u Will be of Valcobulls x Valcobulls high fidelity

Lemabull U Will be of Valcobulls ” Morgan” X Valcobulls High Fidelity “Kenzi”

Litter born 21 may 2017


In our kennel:

- Valcobulls Nine Nine Nine

– Valcobulls Never Surrender



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M-LitterRidgetop'N marconian Hollywood and Vine to Valcobulls


Ridgetop’n Lemabull catch me if you can “Phil” X Ridgetop’n Marconian Hollywood and Vine for Valcobulls “Indy” Born 22-02-2017

In our kennel:

– Valcobulls Moves Like Jagger

- Valcobulls Miss Demeanor

- Valcobulls More then Ever


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L-litterValcobulls Candy Caine x Claus van t donkere woud

Valcobulls Candy Caine “Envy” x Claus van ’t Donkere Woud “Oogie”








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zev's of antalis x valcobulls artic breeze

Zev’s of Antalis X Valcobulls Artic Breeze


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Metal Proof Bibi X. Leatherneck N-Rodels Road Warrior


In our kennel:

Valcobulls Just an Illusion (Ocean)

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I Littervalcobulls Bailey barlow

Valcobulls Bailee Barlow (Dune) X Ridgetop’N Lemabull Catch me if you can (Phil), 10-01-2015







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Zev’s of Antalis x Valcobulls Candy Caine 

H- Litter 

Valcobulls Candy Caine (Envy) X Zev’s of Antalis (Ork), 17-09-2015

In our kennel:

- Valcobulls High Fidelity, Kenzi




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G- Litter

Valcobulls a Love Affair (Juicy) x Elza Liget Szepe Aresz, 30-08-15 

 In our kennel:

– Valcobulls Guilty as Charged,(Baine)




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F- Litter

Metal Proof Bibi x Black Jack Nestor Notabilis, 9-6-2015

In our kennel:
– Valcobulls Fifth Dimension, Jay Jay





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E- Litter


Valcobulls Fay x Black Jack. Nestor Notabilis, 22-5-2015

– Fay x Tank





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D- Litter 

 Valcobulls Joy x Nestor Notabilis Black Jack (Tank), 26-01-2014

in our kennel:

- Valcobulls Dark Side Do, (Logan)

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C- Litter


Valcobulls Artice Breeze (Cara) x Valcobulls Dylan, 15-07-2013

In our kennel:

- Valcobulls Candy Caine, (Envy)


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B- Litter

Metal Proof Bibi (Amber) x Taz (Dylan), 19-12-2012

in our kennel:

- Valcobulls Bailee Barlow (Dune)


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A- Litter 

Valcobulls Fay x Roen, 22-07-2012

– in our kennel:

Valcobulls artic breeze (Cara)

– come back:

– Valcobulls A love Affair (Juicy)

Valcobulls Anything Goes (Tyson)



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Rivers Empire is standing Up from 2017 and used for first time in 2018

The kennel name “Valcobulls” become official in 2011 and we first used it in 2012


 Last report 14-01-2019