With Proud we present our MalesValcobulls Moves like jagger


Our boys have all a FCI pedigree, dna profile and when old enough official health tests.  Some of our boys are available for stud for female with suited pedigree, dna and Health Certificates.

When you have questions feel free to ask and send us an @mail at  valcobulls@gmail.com

The boys:

Valcobulls guilty as chargedMister president van t GinderdoorLemabull u Will be of valcobullsFullhouse Bull's Repeat after me for Valcobulls

Future team:

Valcobulls RUMOUR has iT  Viking is TAMSOS at Valcobulls


Black Jack nestor NotabilisValcobulls dark Side doValcobulls Moves like jagger


The ones we miss very much and stay with us on a special place in our hearts ! R.I.P

Bullmastiff Ferro brindle bullmastiffDylan

Lemabull u Will be of valcobulls bullmastiff Lemabull u Will be of Valcobulls  

We are so proud at our lovely boy MORGAN for being 2 years in a row TOP 1# MALE BULLMASTIFF FROM THE NETHERLANDS.


Last report -1-12-2018