With proud we present our females:
Ridgetop'N Marconian Hollywood and Vine for Valcobulls


All female have a FCI pedigree and dna profile. Before we breed with one of them we first test them all on their health. We try to breed healthy and beautiful litters. Our female will retire after three litters and stay here for as long as they live!

All information about them you can see simply to click on the pictures. For questions about our female, male, breeding or puppy´s feel free to contact us at info@valcobulls.nl

All retired female are not in any breeding program, some because of their age, some had enough litters (max 3) and some because  they don’t have good in results in for example hip score to join our breeding plans.  Together with our children, we ensure that they all have a pleasant life as long as possible.


Meet our crew

Our ladies are now being prepared for the presentation

Fantastic four

Our future team:






Calvery’n Lemabull game of Seduction ridgetop'n marconian hollywood and vine for valcobulls

The ones we miss very much and stay with us on a special place in our hearts ! R.I.P

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last report 27-01-2019